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Arkansas Tech Wonder Boys Necklace With Round Charm and Crystal Accents

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Arkansas Tech Wonder Boys Necklace With Round Charm and Crystal Accents
Item Number: C-361N1-SN22

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High Carbon Stainless Steel - High Quality and Durable

Solid stainless steel charm with school color crystal accents. This collection is designed to be worn 24 hours a day and hold up to whatever you can dish out. Available plain or with crystal accents for a look that's right for you.

SCHOOL CHARM INFORMATION - The charm measures 19mm in diameter (a dime measures 17.5mm) and is laser engraved for exacting detail. The surface is brush finished for contrast and durability.

CRYSTAL INFORMATION - The accenting school color crystals measure 6mm in diameter and are fully faceted for maximum brilliance.

Solid Stainless Steel
Rustic Satin Finish
Charm Measures 19mm
Licensed Product of the Collegiate Bead Company

"the indicia featured on this product is a protected trademark owned by the respective college or university"


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