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Ball State University College of Health Cufflinks

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Ball State University College of Health Cufflinks
Item Number: C-181N1-SSA7

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Ball State University College of Health Cufflinks collection is designed to allow you to show your spirit in a classic and subtle way. Traditionally you see cufflinks that are constructed from materials that are designed to last a short time. These cufflinks are made with premium solid sterling silver with a thick top and deep engraving. You can have these cufflinks made with a black enamel background for contrast or a natural finish for a more subtle look. We use a combination of modern technology to mark the cufflink and traditional methods to hand finish. Once the cufflink is complete we coat the entire cufflink with a metal called rhodium to allow the cufflink to resist tarnishing.

We offer different styles and shapes so you will need to choose your style from the choices provided in the drop down.

C1 - Large Round - The top of this cufflink measures 19mm in diameter (a dime measures 17.5mm)
C2 - Medium Round - The top of this cufflink measures 16mm in diameter (a dime measures 17.5mm)


Each pair of cufflinks is made to order starting with the raw blank. Production time is no longer than 4 days from the date the order is placed. If you need them quicker you can let us know and we will do everything possible to meet your deadline.

Solid Sterling Silver
Satin Finish
Officially Licensed
Production Time is 4 Days
Custom Designs Available

"the indicia featured on this product is a protected trademark owned by the respective college or university"


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