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About Us

Company History is the end result of a great idea developed through dedication, hard work and a passion for excellence. Our favorite comment in the beginning was “today’s college jewelry was designed by a 50 year old man, 30 years ago”. Without relevant styles collegiate jewelry meant nothing more than “game day” trinkets. No longer is that the case. With 35 years of manufacturing jewelry experience combined with the latest computer design software and laser marking technologies we are able to create high quality collegiate fashion. Whether you choose designs that are dress or casual you still get the same dedication to style and detail. Our commitment to growing our product offerings assures our customers will always have choices that are unique and relevant to today’s lifestyles. Thank you for letting us become a part of your collegiate experience.

Our Mission

Like many of our customers we made the commitment to never stop learning. We are dedicated to the collegiate community and will continue to develop product at the suggestion of our students, alumni and fans. This deep rooted commitment to excellence will always set the standard for Collegiate Jewelry.


Every product is officially licensed with the respective College, University or Sorority. We hold licenses with the Collegiate Licensing Company, Licensing Resource Group, Strategic Marketing Affiliates, Greek and a number of independent schools. In addition to licensing with the institutions we also have relationships with some of the largest manufacturers and distributors of jewelry in the U.S.A. Our most important relationship however is with the 40 million students, fans and alumni of the schools and sororities we represent. Thank You.

Satisfaction Guaranteed

We believe in our products so much that if you are not happy with the quality or workmanship on any of our items, we will refund your money. Simply follow the return process explained below to setup a return and if you have any questions or concerns feel free to reach us at 248-688-9563. Returns must be setup and the return package post marked within 30 days of receiving the item to be eligible for a refund. We will verify this requirement before providing return information and when we receive a return at our return address. We may also reject a refund for an order if it is post marked after this 30-day period and send the item back to you in a timely manner.

If you would like to return an item for a refund or exchange the item you purchased for an item of equal or lesser value, please email with the subject line: Return Request followed by your order number or call 248-688-9563 to receive return information. We will provide a return authorization number if your order is eligible for a return as well as a return address to mail the item back to. After you receive the return authorization number from us either over the phone or through email, please write the return authorization number somewhere on the package. Please send the item in it's original condition and original packaging to the address provided either over the phone or in response to your return request email. We do need the plastic bag and/or box that the item was received in. This bag and/or box has the hologram attached to it making the item officially licensed and an indicia sticker which are both needed in order for us to finish the return setup. If the item is not returned in original condition, the return can be rejected and the item returned to you. Be sure to send the item in either a box, padded mailer, or padded envelope similar to what the item was received in. If you still have the original package the item was shipped in, you can most likely re-use it as long as you tape it closed and there are no holes in it. Please do not send the item in a regular letter envelope because it will rip out and we will not be able to accomplish anything with the order if there is no product in the letter envelope when it is received.

If an item is sent back to us without proper return information we may call to inquire what you would like done with the order.