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Sam Houston Bearkats MOM Bracelet With Heart Charm

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Sam Houston Bearkats MOM Bracelet With Heart Charm
Item Number: C-299-SB17-3

Our collegiate MOM bracelets are designed to show your spirit in a fun and playful way. Each item is hand assembled to order to ensure the highest quality products are sent to our customers. Charm is satin finished for contrast.

All of these bracelets are adjustable bangle styles and the charms are free floating on the bracelet. This allows for the bracelet to be worn by a variety of wrist sizes. We ship the bracelet adjusted to a standard wrist size of 7.5” so if the bracelet is a little loose simply squeeze it a little to tighten. If the bracelet is a little small you can gently open it to fit.

The SCHOOL heart charm measures 19mm tall. (a dime measures 17.5mm)
The ACCENT charm measures 10mm in diameter.

Solid Stainless Steel
Brush Finished Charms
Officially Licensed
Made in Michigan
Custom Designs Available
Licensed Product of the Collegiate Bead Company
"the indicia featured on this product is a protected trademark owned by the respective college or university"

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