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West Virginia Mountaineers Cufflinks

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West Virginia Mountaineers Cufflinks
Item Number: C-153N2-SA2

Our Collegiate Cufflink collection is made using high quality stainless steel and a precision laser engraving to create a long lasting cufflink. Each item is brush finished for contrast with the antiqued school logo. Stainless steel tholds up better than other metals because they are harder however the metal color is darker for a more industrial look.

Stainless Steel - This cufflink measures 13mm square and has a satin finished surface. The logo or word mark are engraved and left a natural dark color for contrast. Cufflink surface is brush finished to create a rustic look. NO PLATING TO WEAR OFF

Stainless Steel is much harder than sterling silver and the detail will be superior. The cufflink is satin finish and may show scratches over the first few months but will eventually take on an even matte finish.

All cufflinks are made to order and we have additional styles available. Contact us with custom requests or to see additional variations. Some schools we offer only this style and other have multiple options.

Licensed product of the Collegiate Bead Company

"the indicia featured on this product is a protected trademark owned by the respective college or university."

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